Local Communities

Wherever we operate, we live our values and strive to be a partner of choice for local communities and Indigenous Peoples. For New Gold, this means making significant efforts to understand the potential impacts of our operations and taking action to minimize negative impacts, while diligently looking for ways to maximize opportunities to contribute to the long-term sustainable development of our host communities.

Based on several internationally recognized best-practice frameworks, the New Gold Community Standards provide guidance to our sites describing how to identify communities of interest and effectively engage with these people and sustain respectful, inclusive dialogue. At each site, our standards are being progressively implemented to guide site-level management systems that work to ensure site operations respect human rights, identify opportunities for sustainable community investments, and maximize local hiring and contracting.

The New Gold Community Standards also drive us to continually evaluate our approaches and improve where necessary. All sites are expected to have an external audit, peer audit or self-assessment annually based on an audit schedule. Sites adopt a consistent approach to identifying and controlling social risks and report performance through these audits and assessments.

Scorecard 3: Community Engagement and Development

Priorities 2017 Target 2017 Performance 2018 Target
Engagement Engagement
  • Advance the implementation of the New Gold Community Standards to 100%.
      Community Standards were implemented at all operating sites (except Rainy River, which started operations in Q4).
  • Review the New Gold Community Standards to reflect leading practices.
  • SDG 16
Local Economic Impacts Local Economic Impacts
  • Establish five small businesses in the communities surrounding the Cerro San Pedro Mine through the Entrepreneurial Development Program.
      Five small businesses were created or significantly expanded with the support of the Entrepreneurial Development Program.
  • Use the microloans program of the Todos por Cerro de San Pedro Foundation to support five entrepreneurs in the communities surrounding the Cerro San Pedro Mine.
  • SDG 8
  • Achieved Achieved
  • Missed Not Achieved
  • Missed Partially Achieved
  • SDG = Sustainable Development Goal